Vivienne’s practice is informed by responses to the environment.  Form, stillness and movement are inspirations and ongoing themes in her ceramics.  The choice of medium is clay, in her words “ I love getting my hands dirty!” Stoneware and porcelain clays are used to enhance the texture of the forms and glazes are used to represent the reflective qualities of water, the markings of stones or buoys from the shoreline of Thanet.

The series of tactile porcelain slip cast ‘Stone Walls’ are inspired by the gorgeous chalk stones and flint found along this part of the Kent coast.  These sculptural pieces can be displayed individually (deconstruction of a dry stone dyke) or as a group. They can also be moved around, creating a ‘new wall.’  Recent developments are the chalk stone oil burners and tea light holders, when lit they throw out pools of light through the translucent porcelain.

From the shore to the sea, the 'buoys' arrived!  Inspired by a beautiful, huge rusting buoy, in Ramsgate boatyard, a series of cast and hand built stoneware pieces with a blue/green glaze and a 22 carat gold leaf finish have been created.

Brown stoneware sculptural pieces are a new body of work. These have developed from the shape of buoys, local stones and life drawings I have made recently. They are beginning to develop a figurative quality, enhanced with lines of porcelain inlaid and the smoothness of both clay and glaze suggest areas of skin.

With some of my pieces I incorporate decals, photographs I have taken. Abstracting images on glazed stoneware and porcelain surfaces.