My practice is informed by responses to the environment.  Form, stillness and movement are inspirations and ongoing themes in my ceramics.

From a love of landscape I started looking at the similarities with the female human body. With a series of nude photographs I shot, showing sections of an expanse of undulating skin, enhanced by the use of light and dark, accentuating contours and smoothness of the skin.  This theme can often be seen in some of the larger hand built stoneware pieces.  Each starts with a proposed thought but can take on its own identity, often having a figurative feel.  Recently I have returned to this, creating more sculptural pieces.  

I have explored the texture of clays to enhance the forms and used glazes sparingly.  Glazes represent reflective qualities of water or markings of stones and buoys from shorelines.  With some of the ceramics I incorporate the use of decals of photographs I have taken, abstracting images on glazed stoneware and porcelain surfaces.

A series of beautifully tactile (hand held) porcelain slip cast ‘Stones’ can be viewed individually (deconstruction of a dry stone wall) or as part of a group.  They can be moved around, creating a ‘new wall.’  

From the shore to the sea, the 'buoys' arrived!  Inspired by a beautiful huge rusting buoy in a boatyard a series of cast and hand built stoneware pieces have been made.